Taiji day 113: stubbed toe

Today I stubbed my toe during part of the form, after a successful five golden coins and eight pieces of silk. Normally I don’t have to worry; I’m in a room with little furniture. Today I’m traveling and that means working in an unfamiliar place.

Adapting your work to the space available is always tricky. It doesn’t feel like much of a workout if the space is too small. If its too big or too open or too public, it can be a great workout, but only if you’re up early enough not to be disturbed at the effort by neighbors and such. You can do it inside (in your underwear, no less!), but then you have to watch for furniture in your way.

There will be furniture in the way.

Part of the goal is to be fluid. That means knowing where the obstacles are and moving around them. Stubbing my toe is proof that I’m a beginner still. Try again tomorrow.

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