Taiji Day 102: Bend Knees, Tighten Belly

The last few days, I’ve been wandering around with a perpetual sense of energy in my body. Part of it is that school is almost over.  After the crazy last few weeks of school, we’re into the meetings and reports-writing process that completes a school year.  The conversations have been good but occasionally difficult, and we’d made some productive headway on understanding how the next school year is supposed to play out. That said, some of the taiji work is starting to yield results.  The energy centers in the column of my body (crown of head, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, tan tien, yesod and root… wow, that’s too many, isn’t it? Or is it not nearly enough?) are coming online. Call them chakras, or energy centers, chi nodes, meridien crossings, I don’t really know. They’re turning on during taiji, and then staying on through most of the day.  Or turning dormant at the end of taiji and then flickering on unexpectedly during meetings or during the mala walk daily. It’s hard not to have the sense that the one practice feeds the other; and that there’s a suitable and positive energy flow from one thing to another.  It’s also hard to imagine, today, that yesterday’s ancestor work didn’t have an effect on today’s martial arts routine.  I was much more stable and balanced, slower (and dare I say it, yes) and more graceful.

Some of it is physical: I was working throughout the three forms on keeping my knees bent properly, and the band of muscle at my waist tightened so that my spine and tailbone were in the correct alignment.  So why do I feel like I can feel the different tones and rhythms of the heart-beat, the lung-beat, the solar plexus, and the tan then in my body, thumping and thrumming away with their own subtle energy?  Is it that I’m holding my body in the correct alignment? Or is it that my body’s correct alignment is calling in the correct energy?  These are subtle questions and not easily answered.  It may be that they’re not worth answering; one just has to keep doing the work. So far, so good.

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