Taiji Day 93: Rent and Feng Shui

This morning I startled awake at 3:00 am with the terror that I hadn’t paid my rent.  No amount of trickery on the part of my brain would convince my body that it wasn’t worth worrying about, and that even if I hadn’t paid my rent… which I had done… I wasn’t about to be evicted today.  But no.  I had to get up, do the necessary online banking check, and be sure the rent was in fact paid.  And then I tossed and turned for another hour before it became clear that I was up

I AM trying to shift my sleep schedule over to this segmented sleep.  But my body is definitely resisting the second sleep part of the experience.   Sometimes I can get it to work, and sometimes I can’t.  Today is one of the “can’t do it” days, it seems.

So I did my taiji.  I did the form, getting some good stretches into the groin and upper arms.  Then I did five golden coins, which got me sweaty and energized and awake. Then I did eight pieces of silk, which further worked my legs and lower bad. Great workout, in general, if an hour and a half earlier than usual.

And now… just as I thought my day was ready to begin…  I’m tired again.  Segmented sleep doctrine says I should sleep now for another few hours, until six or seven a.m.  But if I do that… I’ll be late to work.  Augh! Adjusting to the sleep cycle of another time and place and culture definitely has its ups and downs.

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