Paper Kavad model

Paper Kavad model
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I have it in mind to build a Kavad. I saw one based on sacred geometry at Wesleyan University recently, built by Suzanne Wind Gaskell, and I was amazed. I really want one myself.

But what story should it tell? Is it about American history? World history? What I’ve learned about geometry? Hermetics? I don’t know. I feel the powerful idea of it simmering inside of me, and today I built this paper model of one possible configuration. The first stage in bringing any idea of fruition to draw a sketch. But sketches are only part of the story. Sooner or later, if you plan to build a three-dimensional object — especially one with folding panels and secret compartments — you’ll have to build a model. And the sooner you sit down with your knife and your ruler and compass, and build what you want, the sooner you can get an estimate on materials and tools and design advice from your carpenter friends.

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