Taiji Day 89: I don’t wanna…

But I do anyway.

There are going to be days like today when you don’t want to. I didn’t even want to get out of bed. I was exhausted at the end of yesterday, and I went to bed at a time much closer to 8pm than anyone should… and I had dreams, though I don’t remember them, and I didn’t awake until 4am or so, cranky and feeling more than slightly cruddy. I don’t want to get up, I don’t want to go to school, I…

I complete the eight pieces of silk. My mindset starts to turn around. I finish the form. And I want breakfast. I do Five Golden Coins, and I… And I’m fine.

The bad mood, the apparent illness setting in, the exhaustion of yesterday, all vanish. There will need to be a good long rest when school finishes up, and lets out. But three forms of chi work, and my mood has improved tremendously. I’m already feeling better and more alert, and more prepared to face the day. It’s what I love about this work — it helps me tell the difference between physically sick days, and psychically-sick days. Today could have been me moaning and feeling sorry for myself. Instead, I’ll be up and about, and a great teacher.

Enjoy the song that I’ll be singing in the shower this morning!

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