Taiji Day 82: crackles

There were so many crackling sounds from my joints — knees, elbows, neck, ankles — that I sounded more like a bowl of rice krispies than a history teacher. Normally, I don’t have sounds like this, but I think it’s because I started with Eight Pieces of Silk. After yesterday’s debacle of forgetting nearly all of it, I went back to my source text and diagrams last night, and figured out what to do again. Then I did it first thing this morning.

The forms have pleasant names in Eight Pieces of Silk:

    Hands hold up the sky to activate the triple warmer
    Open the bow to shoot the hawk
    Separate heaven and earth
    Turn the head
    Hold fist with angry eyes
    Stand on toes and bounce seven times
    Wiggle tail, swing head
    bend back and forward

By the end of this first series, I was heaving and sweating. Admittedly it’s already warm for May, and warmer still for six in the morning. That’s the way of it, though. We raise energy by turning on the heat — in ourselves, and in our world.

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