7th Mansion of the Moon.

Today is the 7th Mansion of the Moon, or Al-Dhira… an image of success and good fortune. I’m working on trying to create the images of the Mansions in a variety of media, partly because I’m interested in drawing, and partly because it’s good practice, and partly because it’s good magic on so many levels.

This one is going to take a while, because I don’t feel I’m very good with figure drawing, even in this cartoonish style that I’m trying to work in these days. I’m also using Paper which I think is an awesome app, but I lack any sort of stylus to use instead of my finger.

The image of the 7th Mansion is supposed to be a man praying with his hands clasped to his chest. I’ve done a very Medieval thing here, high-Gothic really, of having a scroll come off his body with the request. I’ve also used the floating scroll shape to identify the major names or elements of this particular Mansion. It’s a technique that I’m gradually mastering… not as useful as vine work or celtic knot work, but not so horrible a visual element to use.

Via Flickr:
Made with Paper

I’m a little happier with the use of the marker, now that there is some watercolor around the man. Still not entirely happy with the results, but not bad, especially with no prior planning of the image.

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