Experiment: Holy art Thou

There’s a text in the Golden Dawn rituals that’s always struck me.  It seems to be based, in part, on a Corpus Hermeticum text from the first through third centuries AD, and it goes like this:

Holy art thou, Lord of the Universe,
Holy art thou whom nature hath not formed,
Holy art thou, vast and mighty one,
Lord of the Light and of the Darkness.

This song has been rattling around in my head for a few days, so I recorded it, and now you have access to it through my Tumblr account.  Enjoy, and I hope it’s useful to me.  Mostly, I’m hoping that recording it, and putting it out there, will make it possible for me to go back to doing things like writing exams and reviewing homework.

Update: I hadn’t realized this until just now, but this is my two thousand six hundredth post (2,600 posts!). And a couple of days of visitors like the last two, and I’ll hit 50,000 readers/visitors during all-time visits, about two weeks earlier than I expected…

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  1. That prayer’s one of my favorites; I use it to preface nearly all my rituals. I get a general good feeling, like something within me is actually lifting up an offering at the “you whom we address in silence” bit.

    • Did you click through and listen to my hymnic/chanted version of it? It’s been rattling in my head for several days, and wanted to get out into the world. I’m interested to find out if someone else (particularly one such as yourself, who already uses the prayer) hears my sung version of it, and feels it’s worthwhile.

      • It’s definitely an interesting chant; it’s almost got a rustic, northern feel to it that makes it suitable for traveling or in a walking meditation. To my ears, at least. Normally I just use a monotone vibrating voice to focus on getting the prayer “up there”, but I could definitely see this chant being used for meditation or devotional repetitions like a rosary.

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