Taiji Day 69: Keep your practice

Yesterday was a crazy day in more ways than one. I didn’t get much sleep, even though I’ve been working quite hard at getting more sleep. I was pretty strongly tempted to roll over and sleep for another hour.

I didn’t. I got up, did Five Golden Coins and the taiji form. And now I’m getting ready for the fifth or sixth crazy day in a row, of maybe twelve or possibly fifteen such days. Welcome to the end of school mad-cap whirlwind whirligig!

But as you may have surmised, I didn’t do Eight Pieces of Silk. Something had to give ground this morning, and that’s going to be it. When I’m learning a new style or a new form, it takes quite a long time to flip back and forth between video, notes, and diagrams. Not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent, etc.

Sometimes old business takes priority over new business. Today is one of those days. But just because I’m not learning eight pieces of silk, doesn’t mean I’m throwing away two months of practice. Keep to the routine.

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