Taiji Day 58: case the joint

I’m currently on a multiple day field trip with several colleagues in a single hotel room. There isn’t a lot of space, and both of them wanted to sleep in until almost the time we wake the kids up for the day’s activities. How to do Taiji when your roommates want to sleep in and there’s no space? Do you just give up, and assume you can resume your practice at a later date?

Asking for trouble, really. Your practice is your practice, and it waits for nobody, and you put it off for no one. You get it done even when it’s difficult. Accordingly, I did a sweep of spaces in the hotel where I could do it., last night. There’s an unlocked conference room on our floor, it turns out. Perfect. Grab the room key, slip out, do Taiji and return.

But suppose there’s a meeting in there tomorrow, or the room is locked? I have three other locations, fortunately, already picked out.

“I don’t have a space to practice” is not an excuse.

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