Taiji Day 12: Hard and Soft

I’ve had this sore throat and cough for a couple of weeks that won’t quit.  Reiki, antibiotics, energy work, even taiji and qi gong haven’t really touched it much.  Hot tea, coffee, water, and so on have soothed it but not broken it. Direct and indirect assaults have failed.

It’s rather like the difference between hard and soft form in taiji.  If I need an energetic workout, I can tighten my muscles as I move through the form, and lock up my joints as I flow through the postures.  The result is a jerky, tight, choppy series of motions that leaves me vibrating and sweaty at the end.  I also tend to finish in only a few minutes.  That’s hard style.

Soft style, on the other hand, is simply to remember to breathe while slipping easily and gracefully from one posture to another. It’s better if the muscles aren’t tight; it’s better if the body isn’t jerking around or overly tight.  It’s better if the motions are fluid rather than fierce.  It takes longer.  I did mostly soft style today, and it took close to 45 minutes to complete five golden coins and the form.

Each form energizes one in a different way. But one leaves me tired and sweaty, and while I’m energized afterwards I have little ability to project energy.  The soft way is slower, and yet counterintuitively — leaves me more energized to face the day.

The cough and the sore throat, furthermore, both improve after the soft way, and worsen after the hard way. Hmm.

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