Beginning The New You Project

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m participating in this New Year, New You project, which is an effort to effect personal transformation even before the new year starts.  And one of the first recommendations that she had was to clear the decks — clean your space!


Accordingly, I spent a little time on Tuesday doing some personal clean-up at home.  I have a desk and a workbench.  The desk is where I handle financial information, grade papers, and write; the workbench is where I make artwork (at least some of the time).  Both are located in my ‘office/library’ (the Spar Oom, as some would have it), so there’s also shelves and shelves of books; also a stack of spare art that I’ve bought from friends over the years but don’t currently have the wall space to hang.

First things first.  I did a massive sort of all the paperwork that I’ve let pile up on my desk, and I cleared the workbench for action.  I was immediately rewarded: Wednesday’s mail brought a semi-expected but not-really-required financial windfall.  I also got to make some art at my workbench: I painted the second of the sacred geometry objects I’m working on; now there are two completed ones.

I’ve also been going around the apartment, picking up books and moving them back to the shelves, and sorting them on the shelves.  I find that the more carefully my shelves are sorted, the more organized and efficient my life tends to be.  Thanks to my friend C, most of my old journals and diaries are packed up and put away — it’s nice to think that fifteen years of stored memories are available to me, but that I don’t have to LOOK at them every single day.  Nice.

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