Childhood’s End

Arthur C. Clarke wrote the book I reference in today’s title, but there are two other pieces of news I share today.

First, Ursula K. LeGuin has a short story out today, which is WICKEDLY beautiful.  She is such an elegant writer, even as she led me down her carefully-constructed and elegantly-landscaped path to the Bardo-Hell of Unemployment.

The second piece of news is that Anne McCaffery is dead, at 86.  She was one of my favorite authors as a young man, though some of her books were frowned on for men and seen more as young women’s literature.

We’re writing fairy tales about the Unemployment Fairies, and the woman who taught us that we could and should fly a-dragon-back, is dead.

Childhood’s end, indeed.

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  1. I so love Ursula K. LeGuin. When I was in college I devoured every book of hers I could find. My favorite is still The Lathe of Heaven.

    I appreciate your reference to another of my favorite books, Childhood’s End. 🙂

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