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I recently had the opportunity to send the following e-mail, in response to a request (the ninth this week!) from a freelance writer asking if they could write some guest content for my blog, and link back to their blog about online colleges.

Dear xxxxxxx,

I have decided not to permit guest posts from freelance writers.  I occasionally invite guest posts from active teachers and school administrators, but not from people whose principal career is writing.
I think it’s worth mentioning that yours is the ninth e-mail I’ve received asking for guest-posting rights on my blog from a online-college-oriented website, and you may want to consider branching out to other subjects for blogging — unless, of course, your primary business is not blogging but selling online college services.  In which case, good luck — the bubble in student loans is very close to bursting in the United States, and you may soon be jobless.  My sympathies.
Andrew Watt
I reiterate: if you’re a school administrator or a schoolteacher, and you’d like a chance to blog here as a guest, please let me know (Bill Sullivan, and Ben Gott, and Martha F, and Bryan Jackson, this especially means you).  I think you have important things to say to the world, and if you want the chance to say it here, you can have it.
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