Memory of Dates

I was in class yesterday, giving notes on the changes in the American colonies between 1607 and 1770.  I happened to ask the question, “When did William Penn found his colony?”

A student answered, “King Charles II chartered Pennsylvania as a proprietary colony belonging to William Penn, who made it a refuge for English Quakers in 1681.”

I’d been facing the board.  I turned around and looked at the student.  His eyebrows were up, and his mouth was hanging open.  His notebook was in front of him, but his textbook was closed, and his notes didn’t have that information on them.  I looked my question at him, How did you know that?

His mouth moved up and down for a moment.  “I have no idea how I know that.  I didn’t even know that I knew that.”

I do.  Palace of Memory.

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