Advice to an Artist: Knight of Wands

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The Knight of Wands (and the related process photos) is the projection of the power of fire. We sometimes have trouble letting go of home and giving ourselves to our passion: home is comfy and easy, but ultimately self-limiting. The journey is critical for the artist — get out of the house! Find things that excite your passion, and give yourself to the passion of your artistry.


Do not go unarmed. Your armor is the skill of your technique and your knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Your horse is the speed with which you execute new work. Be like the salamanders which are the coat of arms of this knight: abandon home when it becomes too constraining, and be swift when the rotting log is engulfed in flames.

Your destination is Egypt. Not literally, of course. Egypt is the land of alchemy in the language of Tarot, where lead is transformed to the other metals, and eventually to pure gold. Learn copper’s flexibility, and tin’s malleability, and silver’s mirrored gleam, and iron’s rigidity. But recognize that you don’t learn these things at home — you learn them on the journey, when your passion is for the art.

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