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Three posts from the Archive this week for Sunday evening…

  1. Autistic Trekdom: After reading this article by Matthew Baldwin, I thought I had something to say about it.  We’re all familiar with the concept of Asperger’s Syndrome, or the Autism Scale, and this was my first effort to wrestle with it on my own terms — that of a kid growing up watching star trek, and empathizing (how funny to use that word!) with Mr. Spock more than with Captain Kirk. I’m not sure that what I say here is relevant, except that I agree that exposure to Buddhist teaching and training helped me become a better and more calm teacher.  Without that training in how to let go of my anger, I doubt I’d have survived my first half-decade of teaching.
  2. Moon Glimpsed Through Trees: When I was on my NOLS trip, I took this photograph.  It’s one of the best photos I’ve ever taken, and I’m pleased that it showed up in today’s archive.
  3. Another’s Desk: Back in 2004, when I was still writing over at LiveJournal, I apparently penned this entry at someone else’s desk.  Surrounded by the bric-a-brac of their life and activities, I tried to do mine.  It’s a useful reminder to me that my life is not anyone else’s, and I can’t expect that I’m teaching my students to grow up to lead the kind of life that I do.  Quite the contrary, I hope that 90% of my students grow up to be something other than middle school teachers.  I’m preparing them to do almost anything else, as are most of us.  What that life looks like is radically different, and it shows in what’s around this desk.
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