Sunday Archive: poetry, unreached goals, life

The archives today include a poem for February, my learning goals at the start of summer 2009, and a long-ago slice of life from 2006 when my blog was over on LiveJournal.

  • Nones of February Sonnet: I wrote this sonnet in 2005, as a poetry exercise and as part of my investigation of the cycles of the natural world.  The Nones (5th or 7th day of the month, in the Roman calendar) of February in 2005 was a lot less cold and miserable than the Ides of February will be this coming week.
  • Learning Goals: It’s important for teachers to set goals of course.  How would we decide what to learn if we didn’t investigate new options?  I didn’t learn Spanish, I didn’t write close to 100 poems, I didn’t go paperless (and my new school doesn’t want me to go paperless),
  • Drum, Dance, Work: Even an old hand can puzzle about what to do in class, as I do in this piece from 2006.  What to teach in a creative writing class? What to teach in a rhetoric class? I was given these assignments to teach these classes only a week or so before school actually started — but teachers need design time to build cool learning programs for kids.
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