Intaglio Mandala

Intaglio Mandala
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I made this mandala using Intaglio Sketchpad, which is an app for the iPad. It required a lot of patience, but still didn’t take very long — maybe an hour of time. A friend of mine thought it looked rather Celtic. I can’t say she’s wrong.

In essence, this is a review for Intaglio Sketchpad, by Purgatory Design.  It’s not an inexpensive app — at $14.99, it’s one of the most expensive ones I own.  However, it handles stars with more than five points fairly well, and it allows for both layering and grouping, which means I can do fairly elaborate mandalas like the one at right.  It’s also good for doing draftsmanlike work, and it exports images to a variety of formats.

I’d put this on the list of apps that I’d expect students to have in their iPad, if our school required that students have them.  It makes a useful tool for doing things that normal note-taking programs can’t do, and it is one more piece in their arsenal of tools.

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