Sunday’s Random Posts

Well, it’s been a crazy week, so here are three old posts from the archive, and one relatively new one:

  1. American Triangle Trade video.  This is the new one.  It’s got a student voice in it, thanks to the presence of a parent, and it’s not bad.  I’ve got a lot practice at making these over the last few days, but I think I could probably do better.  I’ll just have to keep making them.
  2. This one is about fiber fabric, which functions like a camera.  On the other hand, there hasn’t been any news about it since July 2009, which is when I first found out about it.  So no obvious progress.
  3. One of my notes-blogs from NECC 2009, about using Blogging software for content management systems.  I remember being really bored in this session, but it was OK.
  4. And here, from 2005, is one of my first poems to appear in this feature, from when my blog was over on LiveJournal: the Summer Greeting.  It was nice to get a burst of summer in the late fall (or even early winter-ish… brrrrrr). I used to write a LOT of poetry, most of it based in nature from when I was walking the campus at my old school with the dog, and before that when walking outside was almost the only way to de-stress myself.  I think this helps remind me how important it is to be outside.

So there you have it… a bonus fourth post from the Archive, just because it’s Chanukah, and we all need a little extra light this time of year.


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