Two Videos on Indian Geography

Today’s classes were a little crazy — first day back from Thanksgiving break, lots of excited kids, a lot of kids thinking about Christmas and Hanukah already, and I was a bit frazzled.  On the other hand, you may have seen my earlier video of the Triangle Trade (Bryan Jackson, hope that’s useful to you!) that I made with a student and with his mom’s permission;  now here’s the two videos that I made to help students work through their map exercises tonight.

You can tell that I’m a bit frazzled to try to finish speaking before the five minute time limit runs out on the recording, and I have to do them again.

Again, a little more detail, and a little more understanding of how to rush through this.  I think I could use the Mimeo notebook’s undo/redo software to set my program up as a mini-animation or flipbook, though, and that may make these programs better.  I just have to make a point of using the the technology ahead of time to design the programs, rather than waiting until the end and trying to draw it on the fly.

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