Comments Lost

On Monday and Tuesday, I made a dedicated effort to write most of my comments about my students first trimester. The tools we use to do this are pretty useful and cool, but they have disadvantages — and apparently I tripped over a common user-enabled bug on Wednesday by starting up the file while it was still attached to the e-mail from the IT department. So I now have to rewrite all of my comments from scratch, before the Monday deadline.

Forgive me if you can hear my loud curses and screaming and wails of despair over your Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s totally a case of user error, and I know exactly what I did wrong.  Proof that even those of us who consider ourselves “tech-savvy” are capable of utterly dumb moments of misjudgment. Or as the t-shirt says, “To err is human; to really screw up requires a computer.”

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