Video: Dead Drops?

Do we need this?  Is this the way the Internet of Things begins? With a bunch of paranoid computer-users setting up an alternate dead-drop system through their cities, and creating a realm of underground peer-to-peer networks?

Warning — watching this video may give you access to disturbing knowledge.  Further warning: Watching this video may make you a theoretical criminal.  I don’t know if just knowing how to do this makes you a suspect.

UPDATE: The project also includes this link to the art project,

The old-style pen-and-paper game, PARANOIA, was sort of about this.  If you genuinely believe that the Computer is your friend, you have nothing to fear.  Yet if the Computer is actively trying to eliminate you, by forcing you out of airlocks, or through active radiation fields, then maybe you have something to fear, and it’s time to act for your own safety to secure your data and enable your communications networks.

Of course, the act of setting up such networks means that at some level, you do not believe the Computer is your friend.  And if you do not believe that the Computer is your friend… well, then, the Computer should act against you, no?

Welcome to the catch-22.

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