Edublog Awards nominees

I’m going to make some nominations for the Edublog Awards.  I was nominated last year, and while I didn’t win, it did give me a boost, and gave me a sense that I was writing for a larger audience.  It helped give me the courage a) to keep writing, and b) to keep reading what other people were writing.  So here goes.

A) Best New Blog:

I don’t know how long he’s been writing.  It doesn’t seem like he’s been publishing very long. But I like his take on things, and I think he’s a fresh new voice on the scene.  I recommend him, and I nominate him for this award.  Keep writing!

B) Best Teacher Blog:

I continue to find that Ira Socol helps me refine my thinking on a lot of different issues.  He talks about class and race, ableism, gender, and a whole host of issues related to education, far more deeply than anyone I know personally, and he’s given me insight into how to talk about experiences other than my own in a rich and meaningful way.  I appreciate that in any author, and to have it in a fellow teacher is a deep and abiding happiness.

C) Influential Blog Post:

Again, Ira Socol points out the vast inequities in the system of education we currently have.  The second photograph in this post should be required viewing, with its caption, all across America:

America’s private schools and Ivy League colleges only
look more diverse these days, in reality their students
represent a single socio-economic class. 2% of the
population but controlling the majority of wealth.

C) Lifetime Achievement:

I think this guy deserves a world of kudos by helping to make it cool for teachers to blog, and by shouting the truth about digital education from the tops of every rooftop, platform, and stage he can find.

D) Best Individual Blog:

This has been one of the mainstays of my reading habits in the blogging world, and I think it should be part of everyone’s list.

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