Sunday Catalogue: Things in my Blog

As I mentioned last week, I’m going to run a new feature for the next few weeks here: three random posts from the back catalogue of this blog.  Re-reading your journal is a great way to get new ideas and build your practice as a teacher or a writer.  You’re reminded of where you’ve been and what you’ve already said.

This week’s entries are pretty good:

  1. Clio and Technology — a reminder that so often in schools, we accept things as they are, when in fact we are the ones we’re waiting for.  It’s possible to ask for — nay, to demand — the seamless integration of technology into our schools, so that our students are served to the best abilities of teachers and administrators.
  2. Wind River Peak — I have stood on top of a mountain that topped 13,000 feet high.  I did it through persistence, dedication, and attention to detail, as well as careful and diligent guidance from my instructors.  It gave me a sense that I could do anything.  Many things are possible to the mountain climbers — enroll in a NOLS course today.
  3. Graduation:  “Well, it appears I’ve made myself superfluous to another forty people in the world.”  What a difference a year or two can make.
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