Trimester Ends

It’s probably worth thinking about what I’ve learned from my first trimester at my new school.  First, I’ve learned that I can’t do everything.  I can try, but I won’t succeed.

Second, even an experienced teacher is almost like a new teacher in a new school. There are so many new experiences and new rules, regulations and unwritten cultures to be absorbed, one is bound to make mistakes.  And all that old experience is useful but not immediately applicable if you’re not precisely familiar with the exact curriculum.  The new routines take time to absorb.

This means that any time you pull a teacher out of an existing curriculum or an existing school, and stick them into a new school, there’s going to be an adjustment period. This period is not going to be nearly as short as an administrator would like, and not nearly as long as the teacher would like.

In a very real sense, my honeymoon is over.

Now the real work begins.

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