Today, I…

Today, I…

  • broke the permissions on my 7th grade history homework webpage. Students couldn’t view them.
  • spoke two sentences (maybe three) at a Board of Trustees meeting, and beamed while a seventh grader upstaged me (magnificently! So happy for him!)
  • drove to New Haven, ran a commission meeting, and drove home again.
  • talked with one of my new colleagues for an hour on the drive there and back.
  • tried to avoid controversy around using Google Forms to write quizzes.
  • despaired of being a teacher
  • read the first eight Google Forms quizzes returned and got my groove back.
  • trouble-shot (trouble-shooted?) the homework page and embedded the eight google forms quizzes.
  • Mistyped a period and deleted all the embedded forms.
  • crashed my computer twice
  • missed picking up my dry cleaning (what will I wear tomorrow?)
  • fixed the homework page (I think)
  • fielded thirty-one emails.

and still didn’t finish everything.

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  1. I wonder about one of your bullets. The “despaired of being a teacher.” I wonder if it is the time of year or a building feeling. I’ve felt it off and on for the last six years and it seems like this year it is almost overwhelming. I can’t seem to put my finger on it. I have similar days where the lists of things, both important and trivial seem to grow too long.

    I think about the Todd Boss poem (I have it hanging over my desk)

    The poem both challenges me to change perspectives, but at the same time challenges me to move on.

    • It was totally a temporary thing. This sort of mood rarely lasts in me. Although it’s the end of term, I have huge piles of correcting to do, and I’m going to have to get up early to finish….

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