Excerpt: OSS Sabotage Manual

Originally uploaded by hypergogue

Here’s how you sabotage your organization, if you’re an undercover OSS officer trying to overthrow a government or delegitimize a company:

1) Do your work poorly. Blame it on bad equipment or machinery.
2) Don’t pass on your skills and experience.
3) Snarl up administration by filling out forms illegibly, or omit requested information.
4) Join or organize a group for presenting employee problems; make the system for presenting those problems to management as inconvenient and cumbersome as possible. Create imaginary problems, and waste the time of as many employees as possible on organizing and arranging these meetings.
5) Misroute materials to the wrong places.
6) Mix good parts with scrap and rejected parts.
7) Give lengthy and incomprehensible answers to simple questions.

I find myself wondering if the OSS studied schools before compiling their manual. I’ve seen all of these things in schools, both as a student and as a teacher, from middle school all the way through both of my graduate school experiences. Are we the model for this? Or did we somehow adopt the techniques unwittingly?

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