I really liked what The Nerdy Teacher had to say:

As more and more people continue to pressure teachers to follow the standardized testing routine, I decided I’m going to be project based and have fun while I do it. If teachers want to shake the finger at me and suggest that I’m doing kids a disservice, let them. I’m going to do what I think is best for the students in my classroom. I feel that is my responsibility. I feel so much better that this quote came to mind. I’ve been worrying about my decisions to go this way, but Huck reminded me that society doesn’t always know what is best.

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  1. Dear Mr. Watt,
    This post reminded me of the talk in school today. A lot of the kids in my grade love you as a teacher. You said that is not telling you two things,
    1. You are a good teacher
    2. That we are learning anything
    Have any of us gotten an F on the 2000 essays we have to write for you (which im sure you just Love correcting)? Im asuming not. That answers number one and two. We are obviously learning if we can write full essays and not fail and remember what we have learned. The reason we are remembering is because we have a fun time learning it with you.

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