Library Lock-In

So I had a good idea last night after getting all morose about Sugata Mitra’s video. Let’s test kids’ skills against paper!

Let’s do a library lock-in.

Put ten questions in envelopes.  Each question is a basic research question in your class’s subject area, with some space for writing the answer.  Ask everyone to go to the bathroom. Then bring the kids into the school library.  They get the first envelope — they can even pick it at random.

The class as a whole can use any resource in the library except you, the librarian, and the computers.

Once the group has found the answer to that question, and you’re satisfied with the results they found in the books, they get the second research question.  Onc you’re satisfied with that answer, they get the third question.

They get to know the contents of your school’s library, and how to research using paper; they also get practice at framing a research process.

What do you think?  I think I’ll try it next week.

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