Colorful Ties

One of the things I started this year was an effort to wear a tie with same same color appropriate to the day. As some of you may know, the seven days of the week are identified with the seven classical planets: Monday with the Moon, Tuesday with Mars, Wednesday with Mercury, Thursday with Jupiter, Friday with Venus, — and Saturday and Sunday with Saturn and the Sun.

Each of these planets has a traditional color associated with it. Thus yesterday (Monday) I wore a silvery blue tie, and today I’m wearing a red tie. Tomorrow, I’ll wear an orange (Our Spanish teacher calls it “la cravata muy anaranjada!”) tie and Thursday will be purple. Friday is a green one (a handsome William Morris pattern, though I need to find a back-up). I don’t wear ties on Saturday or Sunday, but the colors are dark blue, and Gold or yellow.

Some of you might doubt the effectiveness of this or its usefulness. But on Thursday, they all looked up when filling in a quiz to see what day it was. And one girl, filling out her agenda, said, “What day is it? Oh, right. Thursday.” The purple tie helped fix in her mind where she was in time.

Kids need these kinds of reminders, apparently. They help fix where they are in space and time, and relieves them of the anxiety of asking questions.

And I admit I have a certain pleasure in not having to think about which tie to wear.

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