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So this program I’ve embarked upon, to teach sixth graders information literacy, seems to be gaining support and happiness from the parents.  Whether or not the students will buy into it, isn’t yet clear.  But I am pleased with the notion that students are buying into the idea that writing and thinking go together.

I am surprised by the state of sixth grade sentences from the first round of summary sentences.  Today, I gave one class a new rule.  Sentences could only be five words long.  When I gave them six or seven words to play with in their summary sentences, their sentences became unwieldily and awkward. Quelle surprise! So, I’m backing off of the six-seven core-word group, and I think we’ll go back to simple sentences of under five words, and work our way up first to 10-word sentences, and then to 15-word sentences, and then to 20-word sentences.

This will be challenging, but I’m looking forward to it.

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