Busy summer

Well, hello there loyal readers!

As you know, I’ve been working at scout camp for the last six weeks. Tomorrow is my last day on the job. I got the keys to my apartment last Saturday and I can begin moving in on Sunday, after I take care of a few things around the old homestead.

Scout camp always provides a series of welcome contrasts with regular school. I teach a lot more students in scout camp in a single summer than in a couple of years of school — this week I had forty-two students, which was pretty typical. But there are five actual weeks of camp, which means I’ve taught close to 200 kids just this summer.

I simplified a lot of my teaching around a few core points, too; and then I attempted to teach those core rules five or six or twelve different ways each week. In environmental science classes I pushed the core rules that there is one source of energy, and matter cycles. In Radio, I pushed the concept of getting ham radio licenses; and I think I’ll get mine in the near future. In Nature, I concentrated on teaching kids how to walk through the woods so as to see as much as possible — fungus, plant, avian, geologic, mammal, insect. We had a good time. In Archaeology, I concentrated on ethics, and how to read a New England landscape. We had fun, we learned a lot, and I didn’t drive myself insane.

But I’m ready to be home, whatever home looks like in Middletown, Connecticut. I don’t even know yet. But I’m eager to find out.

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