Moved (into storage)

Over Wednesday, my friends helped me put the contents of my apartment on a truck. Some accompanied me to Middletown, where we unloaded the truck into a storage place, and closed the door. In theory, my stuff is now tucked away until they beginning of August, when I will begin moving it into the new place.

Wednesday night I stayed at my old apartment, exactly as I did during my first night in the place eight years ago: on the floor with a pile of sheets and blankets, with the moonlight flowing in. My overnight arrangements had fallen through last minute, so I stayed in the one apartment I had rights to, one last time.

Thursday I woke, cleaned the apartment, threw out some garbage, and said some goodbyes around campus. A quick two hour round trip down to my storage place with my kayak and bicycle, followed by a 20-minute nap in a coffee shop, followed by picking up the dog and a 2hour drive to my next “couch-surfing destination.”

Last night I had dinner with friends old and new at Roberto’s in Northampton: good food, good service, and great conversation,

I’m exhausted. It’s been a whirlwind of ten days of packing and moving, and I’m glad it’s done. Entries will be intermittent for this month, but rather more frequent than over the last two weeks.

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