Watching Another School

I’ve spent the last two days in deep discussions with the people at my new school; it’s been an odd experience.  These are my new colleagues.  They’re happy to have me on the team, by all appearances.  But there’s a whole new culture to absorb — a whole new egregor to learn and to attune to, if you will  — and without being in the classroom yet, it’s hard to adjust to being in that space.  Already I’m finding challenges and areas for growth.  At the same time, I’m finding that there are ways where my old school does things “better”, and I have to resist explaining the old way of doing things, as opposed to adopting the “new way” whole-heartedly.

Changing schools will clearly be good for me, but it’s going to be a bit of a wrenching experience getting it done.  I have to remember that I’m moving into an equally professional community, as capable and competent in their ways as I was in mine.

Welcome to the bottom of the ladder, Andrew. Welcome to the bottom of the ladder.

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