DABA Thanks

Dangerously Irrelevant featured me this week as a blog Deserving a Bigger Audience.  Thanks.  I’ll treasure the crimson megaphone for as long as I get to have it.

Those interested in Internet traffic patterns would probably like to know that in the first few hours that the recommendation was live, I’ve gotten 87 views, or about fifty more than I usually get on a daily basis when there’s a new entry.  It’s about 90 more than I get on days when there isn’t a new entry; I’ll let you all know as traffic patterns change.  The vast majority of visitors only went to the homepage of this blog, but each of the five entries that Scott McLeod also got a specific boost, too.  I think the DABA traffic indicates that we should all be doing a better job of identifying talented newcomers and bringing them into the edublogome (it’s not really a sphere… it’s more like a biome within the blogosphere).

Update: I’m up over 120 new views at this point.  Astonishing.

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