The Rap about Recession


I’ll admit, I haven’t finished previewing this for my classes.  But given that we’re talking about economic writing in history, maybe this is a good time to introduce them to Fred Hayek and J.M. Keynes.

Update: I finished watching it before my classes, and then showed it to one of them… Alas.  They liked the visuals, but maybe one kid out of six understood what it was about.

The degree to which we have stripped our children of awareness of economic theory is heart-rending.  And it’s too vast a gap to cover merely in a 45-minute period when there’s not much else going on.  I need to rethink how economics should fit into the curriculum.

I also didn’t know much about F.A. Hayek, so I did some investigation. Here’s some of his own work, adapted to a cartoon by Look Magazine (soundtrack by Richard Wagner).


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