Learning at Christmas

I always learn something new at Christmas. This year it was my mother’s cranberry pie with graham cracker crust. It’s not particularly hard, or particularly complex. It’s just hands-on. I learned by doing.

I went with Mom to a yoga class on Wednesday. I learned three yoga poses I definitely need to do on a regular basis. I learned through interest and hands-on(-small of back) engagement.

I packed to come to Florida. This sized carry-on, no liquids or obvious dangerous objects. This sized checked baggage, clothes for sun and semi-cool weather, formal outfit for Christmas Day, presents for family. I don’t know when I learned this, but it’s a needful skill. What made me good at it? Practice.

What made Bill Gates the successful man he is? Practice with computers. What made me the successful computer user I am? Practice and experimentation. My father asked me how many iPhone apps I have. (116) how many do I use daily? About 30. How many weekly? About 70. Practice.

Children with adult help all over America are setting up video game systems right now. They’ll play obsessively until school starts again, or they have an epiphany and win the specific game. (Wii three kings of Orient are…)

Maybe school is/should be for for teaching abstract thought, new modes of expression, long-range thinking, and exposure to new ideas. Right now it’s a content machine, or an assembly line.

It worked for school leaders, and blogging. Santa,what I want for Christmas in 2010 is…

Merry Christmas to all, and happy new year.

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