Didn’t Win

I didn’t win the Edublog Award this year.  Missed by about 80 votes. Maybe next year, after I’ve been blogging about education for more than a little while.

I flew down to Florida yesterday from home, to hang with my parents, soak up a little sun, and generally avoid the usual messiness and cold of New England this time of year.  My mom is increasingly a snowbird — one who commutes with the seasons.  In the last few years, she’s definitely joined the ranks of those who believe that a traditional Christmas includes palm trees and a icy drink with an umbrella in it.

I went this year to a generic holiday party, my school’s Christmas formal party, a Hannukah party, a pagan-y Solstice party, a Christian service of Lessons and Carols, and an informal discussion group about Kwanzaa.  And it occurs to me that many of these festivals are about kindness, generosity, and making a place for joy in dark times.

Whatever darkness overwhelms you right now, may there be a place for those emotions in your work, your friendships, your family and your world this season.

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