The Squiggle & Education

Well… once again, Twitter comes through.  Hat tip to Simon Bostock.

Isn’t this the educational process, too?  Except, of course, that in a class of seventeen kids, you want seventeen squiggles radiating out from a center, with seventeen different clear messages to the future?

There’s a general feeling on the Internet that images should link to the original source, but be hosted on the local server.  If the folks at CentralStory would like me to do that, I will, but I’m fussy about images… several of mine have been used with little attention to letting me know they’re going to be used… I know they’re in CreativeCommons, but I still like to be told that they’re going to be used.  So CentralStory Folks, if you want, I’ll host the image locally… but I’ll always keep the link the original source.

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