Foreclosure? Ain’t Over

So, here’s a little graphic about foreclosure in the United States.

And here’s a large article in Wired about Demand Media’s goal of producing millions of “how to” videos a year.

Combine the reduction of the American homeowning class with the digitalization of the creative class… can a set of title-writers, copy-editors and rag-tag teams of videographers pay a $300,000 mortgage on a set of writing assignments at $15 a pop?


Demand Media’s basic formula is that no one is willing to pay for online content, which means that people are only willing to pay very small amounts of money to appear next to specific content.  Until now, everyone’s been trying to boost the price people are willing to pay for content.  Demand Media’s goal is to produce content around the (minimal) ad revenue. The result is a huge amount of content, produced very cheaply, and with nigh-non-existent production values.

The whole design of Demand Media’s strategy is ruled by an algorithm that determines what people are searching for, and designing content to go online around what people are actually searching for.  As opposed to what editors and website designers think is important.

Is it possible that the web is going to kill creativity, too?

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