To Play Along…

If you’d like to play along with my students, and learn what they’re learning about the ancient Greeks, here’s Image 1:

Achilles slays the Queen of the Amazons

So.  Here’s the challenge:

1. What is it? Don’t just tell me it’s a jar. Tell me what kind of jar.

2. What is it made of?

3. Where is it from?

4. When was it made?

5. Where was it (probably) made?

6. Where was it found and when?

7. Where is it now?

8. What do you think its significance is?

Once someone or several someones have correctly answered the question, I’ll provide a link to the source image, and give appropriate credit where credit is due.

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  1. I am happy to call myself a learner. Though I knew some of the answers I became lost during the search in the art of black figure and finding the name of the artist who signed major works was exciting. I spent some time just reading about him. I think my excess science in high school should have been balanced by some art.

  2. 1. it is a wine jar
    2. the amphora is made of ceramic
    3. It is from Greece
    4. It was made around in 530 BC.
    5. It is a black figure amphora made by Exekias (he was a master of the technique)
    6. Found in Athens but not sure when
    7. It is currently in the British Museum of London.
    8. Reinterpretation of mythological past?

    Loved this. Knew some things (history is a favorite of mine) but spurred me to search a little beyond, specifically about Exekias.

    • I’m glad someone did a little digging. I was expecting most of it, but the fact that someone found that it was Exekias so quickly is a real pleasure.

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