Extra Help “Pushed”

As I said I would do, I made the first few videos of a series (of about 55-60) related to providing extra help for the writers in my history class.  You’re actually getting to see them first, because I’m also posting them to the student’s user page, but if I know this particular student, he won’t check his history wiki page until the end of the Thanksgiving break at this point.

When he does, these three videos will be waiting for him.

This is a different kind of model for extra help, though.  It used to be that we had to give a kid a pass to come to extra help in the afternoons, and then hope he’d show up (if sports or extracurricular activities weren’t somehow more interesting or pressing).  These videos ‘belong’ in a sense to this particular student, though. They’ll reside on his homepage on our classroom wiki, and he’ll be able to review them as many times as he needs; if he deletes them, they’re gone, and he’s no longer troubled by them.

Can every teacher in America deliver this kind of “pushed” extra help? Maybe, maybe not.  But it’s a different model of correction and assistance, and one that bears at least a little experimentation.

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  1. I was impressed with this method of feedback, but as your later post suggests, is the additional overhead worthwhile. I personally think you are onto something but student engagement is obviously key.

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