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So apparently I made Blog of the Day, spot # 94, on WordPress’s daily blogs list.

Between when I wasn’t on the list, and when I was,  I got about six more visits than usual.  Which is to say, not very much.  So it’s not a very important result.  On the other hand, I tell my students all the time that in a digital environment, what matters are the frequency of your contributions, and the quality of your contributions.

Here’s proof that frequency matters.  Some of my recent posts have gotten a fair bit of attention, and apparently some of the archived posts have been making a little headway.

So if you’re a new visitor to this blog (as a result of my making Blog of the Day!), you might want to check out these recent entries.

If you’re an old visitor, thanks for reading.  You know that I appreciate you, and I’m going to go back, myself and re-read “Oh, the readers…“, to remind myself why I do this.  Because the truth is, it’s always difficult to figure out what to say.  Do I have a message that can’t be found anywhere else on the net, about cooking, teaching, and relfecting on both?

Probably not. That’s why you keep coming back.  Right? Right?

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  1. I plan on responding here, and also responding to you by e-mail, because then you’ll get the answer, and I’ll get the increased number of responses on a single post. 🙂

    • I used to keep my blog on LiveJournal, at

      I wound up moving over here when I decided to concentrate on education-related issues. And I moved ALL my content from there to here, nearly eight years worth of archives. So yes, you should be able to import to when you start your new blog. Just tell your old site and password, and their software should do all the transfer needed.

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