The Labyrinth

What with one thing and another, only one of my classes has had a chance to go out to the Labyrinth. These visits are my contribution to Paperless Friday sponsored by Shelly Blake-Plock of TeachPaperless.

Today, though, my other class went out to the Labyrinth.

And curiously enough, they knew something about it.  The students in this class weren’t yet able to explain it, but the students in the other class had told them about its existence. This new class didn’t get all the details right; they didn’t understand its significance yet. But they had talked to people in the other class, and the other class had told them about the labyrinth and its

Which means that knowledge was transmitted by a route other than my mouth to their ears. The other class fulfilled their duty, and passed on the information, as little as they’d yet gained, and the other class had begun to learn.

In this way does an ancient mode of transmission of information come alive again in their minds. And one of the goals of my Paperless Friday plans is fulfilled.

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