School starts Monday

I’ve kept meaning to post this week, but I’ve been working my way through teacher orientation this week.  There’s a lot of things going on.  We have a new head of school, and a new organizational chart to go with him, and a ready-made grab-bag of new policies and procedures to absorb.  It’s been mildly exhausting, but also fun and invigorating.  I’ve changed classrooms: from a room shared with six other people and programs and lots of light but no wall space to a room shared with four other people and programs and nothing but wall space. So that’s a little dismaying.

It’s also clear that my role as ghost writer of the accreditation document will likely continue this fall and winter.  It was a killer last year during our self-study, and it’s likely going to be a killer this year.  It’s too late to back out of my involvement by a long shot, and yet the thought of putting more time into it fills me with a certain degree of dismay.

As chaplain, I also put into play our new chapel format — an invocation from Isaiah 43, a poem from Jelaluddin Rumi, some Episcopalian prayers, a benediction from our school founder, and some closing sentences from the Zen tradition.  I think it reads pretty well, and there were faculty colleagues this afternoon who seemed deeply moved.  The history of religious life at Rectory is a checkered one, and a source of a fair degree of conflict; I’m eager to see how it plays out.

Finally, our dormitory-leader seniors are coming in Saturday for a half-day of training before we put them to work as residential assistants. We call them proctors, and ideally they perform some of the requisite work of helping get younger kids up in the morning, keeping the dormitories clean, and so on.  Some years they’re great, and other years they’re not.

We have a recommendation from our new head of school that we not make friends on Facebook with current students, and so I’m going to have to go through my facebook friends and look for current students.  I’m going to have to unfriend them in a polite and dignified way, and yet it still won’t be pretty. Hmmm

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