Alhambra Updated

Alhambra, take 2
Alhambra, take 2

Here’s my renewed version of Alhambra. Call it take 2, or Version 2.0, I don’t care.

Sylvia Martinez is talking about Generation YES!, her program for helping students partner with techers. Not teachers teaching students, but students assisting teachers to understand and learn technology more effectively and successfully.

1. In a learning community, everyone has something to gain, and something to share. Kids want to be helpful and want to build things for their teachers and for each other.  Teachers are overwhelmed if they are expected to do everything alone.

2. Student tech support.  If students run tech support, they learn how to run the tools, repair the machines, build websites, trouble-shoot in their classes, and design procedures that free up our IT personnel for higher-level tasks.

3. Train students to be developers and communicators.  Send them to present to parents, school boards, community.  They can train for cyber safety, they can explain to each other and to the wider world. Example: MediaSmart Day

4. Peer Mentoring.  Peers can train freshmen to do new things, remind sophomores, retrain or boost the quality of junior work.

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