NECC ’09: Data Analysis

Over the last few days, I’ve watched a gratifyingly large spike build on my Blog Stats page.  Since I switched from LiveJournal to WordPRess, I’ve usually received no more than 10 visitors to my blog on any given day.  During NECC 2009, though, that numbers welled upwards to over two hundred a day.

Cool, I thought.  I have new readers! But sadly, it doesn’t always work that way.  WordPress’s statistics tools show me that most of my posts are being read by one-time visitors.  The people who have subscribed using the RSS feed feature, while loyal, are still minimal.

How many of them are there?  Probably nine.  I’ve checked about a dozen of my most popular blog entries, and  I can easily see that the total number of visitors to any given entry varies widely when I look at one-off visits.

But the number of subscriber visits always equals nine.  Sometimes they all visit on the same day; at other times they visit spread out over two or three days. But there are always nine visitors from RSS feeds, and that suggests that I have nine readers loyal enough to sign up for RSS.

So who are you? And what are you nterested in me writing about?  And for anyone else out there, why AREN’t you subscribing? Let me know.

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  1. Andrew, I always read your postings via an RSS feed. Why? Because you are a great thinker. I value your insights because you reflect and evaluate deeply. I’m most interested in your insights regarding education, but the quality of your thinking would make just about anything you write about interesting. Press on! We, your readers, are out here!

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