NECC ’09: Teachers Vote for Schools

In other news, water remains wet.

During this morning’s Oxford-style debate, 37% voted before the debate started FOR the proposition that “Brick and mortar schools are detrimental to the future of education.”  During and after the debate, this percentage declined to 26%, so those AGAINST the proposition were said to have won.

Yet in essence, school teachers voted overwhelmingly for the continued existence of their institutions and their livelihoods.  Imagine that.

It doesn’t mean that their livelihoods will look anything like they do now in ten years.  It fact, it’s highly unlikely that their schools will look anything like they do now in five or seven years. The students who can leave for better options, will.  The only ones in traditional brick-and-mortar schools will be the students who can’t break free of the chains of the educational system.

How is this unlike farmers and shepherds opposing the Enclosure Acts in Great Britain, or the Luddites opposing the factories and mills?  They’re on the wrong side of the innovation curve.

And those of us who think the future of education lies elsewhere?  I’d love to say that we’re on the right side of the innovation curve.  But the truth is, we haven’t won yet.  There’s nothing to prove that it won’t all come crashing down completely.

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