TeNaNoWriMo: 20,000 words!

About five minutes ago, I hit the 20,000 word mark.  It’s more than 33% of the total needed (50,000 words), and less than the 25,000 needed for ‘halfway’.  Nonetheless, it feels like a major milestone and worthy of notice.  

It’s definitely getting more difficult, in a way, than it was.  This is normal, and to be expected, especially when you consider that I started without outline, plot treatment, or any sort of guidelines about what I was going to write, or even clear outlines of the characters.  So suggest the guidelines on NaNoWriMo.org.

But who cares?  Sitting down and doing it every day, even out of sheer stubborn-mindedness, results in progress toward having a first-draft novel.  And having the novel in first draft, makes it much more likely that you can produce a second first-draft novel, and edit the first first-draft novel into a decent book.  So goes the theory.

So get to work. What are you afraid of?

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